Patagonia: The Stories We Wear

Patagonia is a vibrant, current and sustainable outdoor brand that encompasses an integrated marketing approach, appealing to everything I look for in a brands personality, reach and aesthetic appeal.

The campaign ‘The Stories We Wear’ uses an integrated approach to sell the idea of the Patagonia products as a narrative i.e. selling outdoor products (coats, hats, dungarees) as persona’s rather than just products; an effective way of using emotive appeal whilst simultaneously advertising the functionality of the products themselves, with legitimacy and accuracy, a dual approach that appeals to both the consumers logical and emotional approach to purchasing.

The use of short anecdotal YouTube videos combined with the #wornwear hashtag grabbed my attention, reaching me on platforms that I’m familiar and comfortable with. The core drivers of the campaign of storytelling and sustainability, were pushed through effective and varied touch-points. The actual aesthetics of the branding i.e. the white bold lettering set to a washed and filtered backdrop are very zeitgeist, this only added to the advertising appeal. I responded well to this campaign; the product was right and the strengths of the product were outlined effectively by a well produced and polished integrated marketing approach that utilised digital, social media and word-of-mouth marketing.

The company subsequently launched a second-hand range of products which they toured the United States with and despite this not being in the UK, the buzz around it reached my social media feeds. In terms of customer experience, I purchased a Patagonia coat from the online store and their service was efficient whilst remaining colloquial, there emails often prompted no hesitation if there was any issue with the product. This combines appropriately with the idea of The Stories We Wear because it allows Patagonia to build a consistent and strong brand equity and message; a brand personality that is warm, welcoming and well-experienced. Perhaps these are qualities that they wish to reflect in their products, also.

The brand also catered for those looking for retailers, opposed to ordering online. I actually visited one of the stores before purchasing online; so their store location facilities contributed to my purchasing journey, without being able to experience the product first hand, I probably wouldn’t have completed my end action.

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