Prince’s Trust funds Photography business for Uni Drop Out


The Prince’s Trust Enterprise is a UK initiative that looks to support and nurture 18-30 year olds looking to embark on their own business ventures. The fund encourages motivated entrepreneurs to kick-start their business concepts by providing financial sponsorship and relevant expertise.

Ross Andrew Powell is a Uni drop out turned professional photographer and his exciting brand of photography, under the name of Ross Andrew Photography is celebrating the close of its first year of trading. In a single year Ross has achieved a great deal; building an impressive social media following and using his Trust funding wisely, with smart investments in a Photobooth Rental Package and a strong brand identity. Ross, we’re loving the branded polo shirts.

There’s a story behind his rise. Like many great entrepreneurs before him, Ross decided to drop out from his creative writing degree; battle the external pressures of societal expectation, family misconception and his generally self-established high standards.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing but Ross knew where his heart was.

After rapidly realising Uni wasn’t for him, Ross faced a huge amount of personal turmoil. He witnessed university friends embarking on master degrees and others successfully completing their undergraduate experience. But Ross loved his photography and knew he could be the master of his own destiny, this was at the core of everything he wanted. He took the plunge.

Ross hopes others will reach out to the Princess Trust and take the courage to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey. Ross had an exciting concept and most importantly the self-belief to launch his own business, he just needed the “you know what, that’s a good idea, I’ll give you a chance” from the Princess Trust.

With the world at his feet, Ross has overcome the first and largest hurdle, getting started. His business now offers extensive photography packages and a quick glance at his Facebook reviews shows customers quickly turn to brand advocates, with high-praise flowing for his amazing snaps and professional service.
Keep killing it.

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